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Memphis Bred

I am a product of Memphis, born and raised. I am also a lifelong supporter of the city's progress. Growing up in Memphis during the 80's and 90's, I would soak up Memphis' culture with my friends and family from every corner of the city. Memphis State Tigers, Memphis Riverkings, and Memphis Chicks were household names. Channel 5 USWA Championship Wrestling was a Must on Saturday mornings and The Mid-South Fair was so big and important, we got a full Friday off from school to celebrate. Countless childhood memories have engrained a love for the place I have always called Home.

Memphis is full of Visual Artists, Performing Artists, Musicians, Poets, Educators, Chefs, Dancers, Jookers, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, and Skilled Laborers of all different trades. Our culture has undoubtedly influenced the world. The city also has it's own language and it probably almost sounds foreign to anyone who isn't local. 

I wanted to give something back. Something for Memphians to proudly and unapologetically wear to sporting events, hitting the streets around town, or just relaxing at home. To do this, I partnered with my good friend and colleague, Brandon Westmoreland, Founder of Stitch Apparel USA. Together, we've crafted some one of a kind merchandise that we are excited to bring to the city under the name, M-Town. A name affectionately used by Memphis Rap/Hip-Hop legends 8Ball & MJG, Three Six/Hypnotize Minds, Playa Fly, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, and countless other local artists in the early 90s.

We're an underdog city that's rough around the edges, but full of fight and vigor. We are known for calling out anyone who trash talks our beloved city, especially for badmouthing our sports teams. M-Town is taking that same raw "don't test me" energy and putting it into our merchandise...with love. 

We hope you will enjoy everything we have upcoming to represent the city we love.

Much Love & Respect,

Brannon Hobbs


M-Town, LLC

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